My Idea of Fasting

jesusFirstly, whatever you do, let not your fast deceive you or be a waste of time. It is either you fast or you don’t, really.

My opinion is the “DESERT FEEL”, no nothing, no water, no food, which is why Jesus chose to be in the desert (No physical temptations to interrupt your fast). It’s a challenge where you get to believe that prayer will sustain your every need during the fast. No yoga, or any other thing to depend on, besides your spirit communicating to God in Prayer. At this time the only meditation allowed (My way) is on the Word Of God depending on your reason of fasting. If you live alone, create yourself a real nice desert, no eats in the house, no company, get a leave from work (if it’s a short fast), no TV, no Internet, no books, no radio. Your activities will be singing praise and worship, praying, resting (as in sleeping/napping***) and reading/meditating on the Word, and listening to God’s instructions, after-all that’s why you have sacrificed all to have this time, to hear him. Jesus had to go away (Isolate himself), he could have done it during his daily errands but he knew there would be temptations and distractions, even discouragements and comments that upset, thus even resulting in ending your fast.

(****SLEEPING: Bear in mind and expect, because God does speak in dreams just like he spoke to Biblical People, remember he is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever?).

Having said that, I normally fast once in a while and go up to three days which I am comfortable with. (Full days). It’s a spiritual vacation where you can actually tell people you will be on vacation (No need to tell them about the fast), so they don’t look for you. I don’t know what’s everyone’s way of fasting, but would love to know. So far mine is effective.

And oh, by the way, for me this is not the time to apply even make up, perfume or style my hair.  I shower with only water, i brush my teeth with only water.  Desperate needs require desperate measures!  why do I even shower and brush my teeth?  Its the water, you wash away all the old and you feel the water taking it all down the drain every single day of your fast.(my idea again).


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