😘😊💘💖😍😘💔💞💝💓💗 #Deeply Rooted

…he smiled back and spoke so softly, gently, humbly and with confidence, perfectly mixing the four smoothly and it entered her ears as a sweet melody…….💘

..she felt like she was making a U-turn in a two-lane one way motorway, the result would be a head on….💔

She lost count of how many times she fell in love all over again and again as she watched him take control and so sure about himself…💞

“Sometimes we have to face the unbearables to make them disappear otherwise they will take pleasure in chasing us if we run..”🤦

…His were such a beautiful pair that one would feel they are seeing eyes for the first time…😍

…Suddenly the word “charming” had perfect meaning, she had never seen one man look so stunning in normal casual wear…💘💖

…. letting nature take its own course, thus serving her a well cooked dish of extra spiced consequences…..💕

“if it can be avoided by hook or by crook, let not today’s worries and problems be carried into a new day”.

…. She had never seen a normal pair of jeans, and a casual un-tucked shirt look so good on a man like that…💘💖

“..Remember if you wake in the night and I‘m fast asleep not holding you, to pull my arm around you?.”💘💖

If I lose you, I lose reality and all that matters in my life. We love but once, none that follows would be the same love, but a shadow that would never overtake its bearer.💔

…this brave man had totally broken down in his closet until every tear had dried out..💔💥

…his heart broke as he observed the woman he loved, all alone and hurting, attempting to get the sea waves dry away her tears….💔💥

…..Tracy spoke to herself, the longest she ever did in life and for the first time…❤.💫



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