I wanna sleep forever, let me!


I see him in my dreams.

I don’t wanna wake up

Unless it’s him waking me,

Until then let me sleep forever.

In my dreams he loves me,

In my dreams he holds me in his arms,

In my dreams he says he won’t let go.

Then I wake, it’s only a dream.

He is still far away, still can’t reach him,

No matter how much I stretch.

Mine hand remains too short

It will always be impossible

Unless he stretches and reaches out too,

Meanwhile let me sleep, I don’t wanna wake,

Unless it’s him waking me.

When you see him, please tell him,

The two of us love him ,

Me and my heart.

If it were up to us, there is nowhere

We would rather be,

But by his side.

(A jad poem)


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