Unisex Unique Stylish Beannie Hats, handcrocheted – PLUS! New Beanie Style on the market! Hat No.4

Handcrocheted hats that look great on both male and female. Comes plain or accessorised with a removable touch. What’s even more interesting is that the accessories can be used as hair brooches or clips on other clothes.

Hat stretches for perfect fit. Beautifully hand crocheted with double knit, producing a sound warm unisex style. Made from 100% cotton thread. Style is vented softly for breathing, so it doesn’t get too warm. Comes in choice colours. An all season hat! available in sizes; small, medium and large. A great piece of item to have in your closet. It gets even better many people like buying their items without waiting for long for delivery. This lovely head piece is dispatched same day after paypal checking out!  as long as one orders before 5pm!.

Talking about the “brand new on the market” no.4 hat!, it’s amazing! beanie hat and scarf combination, original and perfect for anyone who loves going out in style in the winter season or chilly day.  It’s has a hook faster on the scarf so one can tighten or loosen it to suit, but still remains stylish in the front. The hoodie style is just brilliant and it’s unisex. It looks perfect in that light violet colour, but is also available in choice colours.

Love it? Make it yours today, you can only get it from Victoria Fashion Styles.


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