The Boy Hulk – Just Written this story!(unedited) – from a dream last night, to a Sci-Fi book!

This is the dream I had last night and I woke up to write it in a story form just as it was, no out of dream fiction added, will leave that for later. This is the story unedited. Since I live in Durham, UK, I’m assuming this is where it was all happening!

All I did was try to help a little boy who was feeling sick during some carnival day in our small town and …..

The day was so beautiful and something was happening in town, a huge carnival celebration that involved the whole town. There were so many people that moving from one point to another was difficulty, it was just so crowded. I pushed my way through and saw a tent where a man was spraying people’s for free, in colourful styles. The sprayed hairs looPeople looked nice and colourful after the work, that I decided to give it a try.

I approached the hair sprayer and asked, ” how long does that PAINT take to wash away”. yes for some reason I used the word paint instead of hair dye.

The man smiled and decided to be honest with me for some reason, only him probably knew, “oh if I were you I wouldnt “.

The response buffled me and at first I thought he was joking because how could he warn me when he was spraying nearly the whole town with it. I wondered what was wrong with it or rather with me, so I was curious.

“Why shouldn’t I have it, the whole town seem to be having it?”.

The man lowered his voice and almost in a whisper warned me again.

“All I can tell you is that the first time I was so happy to have it on mine and it took me two years to have it off”.

I looked at him and gave a doubting smile before suggesting he was just being funny, “so you tell me the whole town is going to have the nice colours for two years and they are unaware?”.

Just then the man became more serious, “I aint joking maam, all these people don’t know how permanent it is. You will wash it and nothing comes off, you will get your hair shaved and it will still come out the same colour and same pattern you were sprayed.”. The man turned around took a sim of what appeared to be some dirty mug that I wondered why he couldnt just at least wash it. However, he turned back to face me and said, “you can have it, but don’t say I didnt warn you”.

I still didnt take him serious, who would? and I said, “if you know that it’s permanant why aren’t you telling people so they know what they are getting into?”

He frowned a bit and said, “I’m just doing my job, I get paid good figures from all this you know”.

“Well I guess they must be damn good for you to keep that biggie a secret?”. I said, suggesting that he was such a selfish man if all he said was true by any chance.

“Damn good, I would never tell a soul, I guess you don’t have one because you are the first person I told”, he gave a good laugh over his comment.

I didn’t like his idea of a joke because it was getting beyond involving souls like that, and so I commented my last before leaving, “isn’t it preety wierd they pay you a sky-high rocketing figure and give away the product for free!?”.

The hair sprayer just laughed again and said without a care in the world, “yeah, you can say that again, some people are lucky and some are not..”

As I was living I looked right behind his huge tent and in the corner on the slab, I noticed a small boy lying on the floor. I thought it was the hair sprayers son taking a nap just waiting for his father to get done with spraying and go home. But then he tried to sit up, that’s when I noticed he did with a struggle but fell back and remained. I went back to the hair sprayer.

“Oh you are back, decided to become a “sprayee” afterall?”, he said as he sprayed another little boy who in his parents company and they were both admiring the green and orange lines sprayed around their son’s hair. His father was even suggesting to have just a line of colour on the side for the day to please his little boy, and he certainly did and they left. I went ahead to inform him about the boy at the back of his tent.

“I just saw a boy behind your tent he didn’t seem well…?.” I sort of asked.

The hair sprayer didn’t look surprised at all as he got busy refilling his bottles while more people queued joined the long queue.

“Oh that boy, I sprayed him and he said he was feeling a bit dizzy, I told him to just lie down a bit, he will be fine”

I was so shocked at how ignorant and relaxed that a little boy, a stranger whom he sprayed, was not well and he didn’t call for help. How could he just tell him to go and lie down at the back of his tent, what if it was something serious or the worst if he died back there?. I got very worried and upset

“Shouldn’t you have called for help? what if he gets worse, you are not even keeping an eye on him are you?”. I said not hiding how appalled I was with his attitude towards the little boy.

He just looked at me, without a care in the world, and said, “my job is to spray hair, not baby sit little strangers. His parents or somebody must know he came here, they will come looking for him”.

The man still looked unconcerned at all and so I took it upon myself to go and check the little boy out.

“Hey buddy are you alright, you look tired”. I said sitting down beside him on the dusty tent. He looked around 6 years old.

“I don’t feel good, my head is aching and hot”, the little boy said and dropped back.

I took him in my arms to feel the temperature on his forehead and I noticed the pupils in his eyes were dissappearing and re-appearing several times. Something was wrong, very wrong.

“Oh my God, you need to get help, I’m calling the paramedics, just hang in there”.

“No, don’t leave, I’m scared it’s coming again”, he said as he struggled to pull me close so I could hold him.

I took him into may arms just to comfort him for a few seconds to calm him down. Then something very wierd beyond apprehend happened. I was so filled with terror that I lost sense of being at that time. I felt the boy expand in my arms under the cuddle, like a balloon, his whole body just grew instantly. I quickly put him down, as he struggled to cling to my clothes. I was scared and so was he. Immediately during that little struggle, he shrunk back to normal. The boy looked at me with eyes wide open, There was great fear in his eyes that were now normal stressed and flooding with tears.

“what’s happening to you, have you had this before?, I asked shocked and in fear, I couldn’t hide it.

“No it just started now, when the man sprayed my hair and told me to come and rest here for a while when I told him I was feeling dizzy”. the little boy said sweating. “I feel better now.”

“Please take me home”, said the little boy shading tears. I hugged him and assured him I would take him to the paramedics first to make sure he was ok.There was a paramedics stand just a few yards away and we set out for it. I decided we take the back path where it wasn’t too crowded.

Now I was carrying the boy in my arms. Just as we reached the tree lined path behind the huge trees, the boy screamed, “it’s coming again, please help me, I am burning”.

I didn’t know what to do and so I started walking fast to get help but in a few seconds he grew and stretched the oversized jogging tracksuit set he was wearing, almost tearing it up!. This time he grew into a giant little boy, like a little incredible hulk, everything about him changed. I just looked at him open mouthed and scared, I couldn’t move!. He stood there looking at me and me starring back in amazement, none of us talking. Maybe he was hoping I wouldn’t run away and leave him. He looked so helpless and there was sadness in his big pitch black eyes without pupil, I almost thought he wasn’t seeing me.

A man who was walking his dog saw it all, but by the time bent down reaching for his dog’s leash so he could leave, the boy just strunk back to normal again, so fast, like nothing had happened. The man just looked at us in fear and then he quickly left together with his dog that was scared too and trying to get away after witnessing the little boy hulking.

What had I gotten myself into, why me?. I thought to myself in the dream, I could have just taken him back to that hairspray man and leave the boy there, which is what I was now thinking of doing.

The little boy was now exhausted, almost fainting. I was afraid that if I proceeded to the paramedics tent, he would expand there and caused a huge commotion as crowded as it was, and so I told him we were going back to the tent so I can speak to the man who sprayed him first. Surely he must know something. As we headed back, I started recalling my conversation with the hair sprayer and wondered what was going to happen to all those people that were sprayed if the boy’s reaction was by any chance being caused by the hair spray.

I sat the boy on the tent where I had found him and walked to the hair spray man.

“The boy is not well, something is wrong with him, he just grew huge like a little incredible hulk, you should have seen him, he just expanded. Do you think it has anything to do with the spray?”.

The man didn’t look surprised at all and went on again relaxed, “C’mon there is no such thing as hulks, he just needs some rest, I told you someone will come looking for him”.

“he is sick for God’s sake, you sprayed him, you should be concerned”, I snapped at the man.

“Why don’t you leave the boy alone, let him rest and take yourself home?. If the boy grew into hulk shouldn’t everyone here, as crowded as it is seen him?, and shouldn’t you have called the police instead of coming here?”

“I thought you would help since you were the one keeping the boy at the back of your tent, instead of helping him find whoever came with him”.

The man now looked annoyed with me, “good that you find the boy, now find the right people who can help him, there is a police stand just around the corner, take him there, will you?”

The feeling was mutual I was just as annoyed with him too, maybe even more, “I will, that’s where you should have taken him in the first place when he got sick anyway, rather than keeping him back there”.

“Bye now” the hairsprayer said as I was walking away without another word.

On my way I wondered what would happen to the little boy if he changed whilst in the hands of the police and where would they take him, obviously not home whilst they look for his parents. So I decided to take him to my house instead, get his full address and drive him to his parents, since I lived in town just a few blocks from the town centre where all this was happening.

… Suddenly I woke up taking the boy home, when a huge crowd being led by that man in the park who was walking his dog, came after me and the boy. They were all coming to witness the boy changing. I started running away carrying the boy, then I woke up as they caught up with us.


I’m finishing the ending by fictioning it outside the dream into a book.

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