Christian News: End Time Prophecy – 15 Yr Old Jewish Boy Nathan died and saw WWIII – Some Christians not happy


Some believe him and some do not, but this dies not bother the young Jewish boy or stop him from boldly and confidently prophecying and preaching to the world about what he saw when he died. The boy is unstoppable! and believes in what he saw.

This is one of the end time prophecy videos going around on you tube. Will what the boy said happen or is it already happening?, noone really knows,  some believe him and some doubt, some even think he is possessed by the devil and giving false prophecy. However this may require wisdom to descern spirits, see what is of God and which is from the devil.  One thing for sure, the devil does not wish anyone well or encourage anyone to repent, follow Jesus Christ and be saved. Whether the boy’s prophecy comes true or not, time will tell between now and early 2017.

Here, is one of the many negative responses to Nathan’s after death prophetic vision experience, a Christian beliver’s point of view. Some believe this Christian and some do not, but I guess after listening to both videos below everyone will have their own final opinion:

Here below is the translated version of Nathan’s original near death or separation experience in which he saw a prophetic vision for Israel and it differs in many areas from how others are translating and maybe giving different meanings either due to lack of Bible knowledge or proper translation. This is Natha’s original translation I listened to from which i believe is the best and true translation.

Nathan’s vision is now being argued by some religious Believers of different religions who are trying to quote verses and believe that their Bibles do not mention some of his prophecys that he saw. Most Christians also believe that if its not written, its not true and its not of God.

Nathan, in telling his dream did not use the usual tactics which most preachers theologists and other know-all Christians are familiar with or can relate with. Nathan is entirely, somewhat, different in that he doesn’t tell everyone to believe him, he is just a young boy burdened by what he saw and feels a responsibility to tell it all so that he can wash his hands off and people be saved and mostly as he said himself, do whats right and get his reward. That is somewhat believable.

Its amazing to see a young man boldly tell his vision/dream without altering, adding or subtracting to please anyone or to gain anything and totally unwavered.

I like the fact that he doesn’t try to copy anyone or relate to other experiences by changing how he felt his soul leave his body through the nose. We breathe through our nose and I believe Nathan felt himself breathing out his last through his nose, and the only way he could describe it was “leaving” his body through his nose.  Most people who claim to have had a separation rarely clarify on how exactly they felt their soul leave their bodies because either they just came to realise themselves out of the body not knowing how it happened, or simply that noone ever asked how.  My understanding is  that he breathed his last through the nose and that was the only way he could explain it. One has to bear in mind that he is a young boy without prior knowledge of the Bible and he is not religious even his family is not and they even thought he is possessed by an evil spirit as the boy speaks even of the Christian Bible contents he never heard, learnt, or taught.  I was amazed with the fact that this young boy didn’t quote any bible verses at all and yet speaks of exactly what written and that makes his message believable because what he is saying is relating to the Bible that he knows not and never read in his life. 

Nathan learnt deep things that took others years to learn and figure out, all in the fifteen minutes that he died. If he had read the Bible, he would have said it the Biblical common way and therefore would probably have altered a lot of things to suit it who knows, and would probably have ended up giving a false version of his own real vision.

Maybe, just maybe, God chose him carefully, so that the message would not be passed by someone who is religious. All he is telling people is to repent before it’s too late and to do good because there are rewards as he witnessed, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. He is not taking sides with any church/religion or telling anyone to leave their church for another and he is warning people as individuals, to make it right with God to avoid the unbearable consequences.

On several times the Rabi tried to put words into his mouth but he was sure about what he was saying and not only did he stick to his statement but thoroughly explained it as well boldly.

I’m definite that if those making  negative comments were to approach Nathan personally with Biblical quotes, regarding what he saw, he would have the right answers based on what he saw and the knowledge he got from his vision/dream and would stick to his vision and boldly tell them things beyond their understanding, e.g how he saw and described the angel of death.

The devil would never tell people to repent and that time is running out. I think when Nathan said we are very close and its eminant, he meant the beginning of visible sorrows which many would agree that we now seeing that something is goung on in the world and its not good. On Israel’s attack by all nations, he said it took 2 days only to destroy Israel people (not two weeks and mentioned in one of the negative videos on this prophecy) and went on to say, but milions and millions died in those two days and then the Messiah turned up to defend Israel. Could it be his vision was about different times with bits and pieces of end time stages?. My guess, it could be so.

Nathan’s dream/vision was prophecy for Israel and him personally as he said he was shown in less than a second his whole life from the time he was a baby and every second of his life thereon to date.

I read somewhere a translation of Nathan’s vision which was done using google translate and it gave a completely different, so decided to stick to the version  that was translated fluently:

Whats even more interesting is that Nathan is not taking any religion side, he is being neutral and the message focus also on all people as individuals. All Nathan said fits in well with the Bible, though some Christians are opposing it.

If by any chance Obama is the bad guy (Gog), like Nathan said he saw, then there is a possibility about grand happenings in the coming months as he is suppose to leave the office. Or was Nathan vision suggesting that Obama is not leaving office then? Well, we will never know, but we can surely wait for time and see for ourselves.

The boy only explains it in detail how Gog gets man handled in the end and done away with. Some were not happy about how Nathan explained the process but you can imagine a guy with some super strength refusing to be bound!, ofcourse some extremely nasty handling had to be done to ensure a successful task. Its going to be the most fierce fight to take in the devil and his mates so i guess some very unpleasant smashing will definitely take place. A clash more fierce that when Gabriel and Michael struggled to cast the bad guy out of heaven! Bear in mind the devil also has superstrength (though non comparable to Christ).

If a religious person was given this vision, there could be a chance they would have changed their words, make alterations to avoid arguments and please some people, then revise the prophecy a thousand times before telling it. So I guess God trusted this boy for a good reason.

Even when he talks you can tell he is not worried about being believed or not, he is just passing the message in detail as he saw it.

A Professional examined Nathan’s behavior, body language and gestures and concluded that the boy was genuine:


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