Christian News: Will everyone hear the anti-christ in their own language?

Please note: This information below does not suggest the world is coming to an end.

Meet the Pilot:
“At the convergence of wearable technology + machine translation, the Pilot is the world’s first smart earpiece which translates between users speaking different languages”.

So far some believe the devil or satan has been trying to compete with Jesus Christ in so many ways. The Christian Bible mentions a scenario where the Holy Spirit descended and filled the people who were gathered with the Holy Spirit and they all started speaking in toungues and people heard them each in their own language.

Bible Christians believe there is an antichrist coming. Could this antichrist be heard in different languages around the world too? Has this new earpiece, made it possible, should he arrive,  for him to be heard in every language immediately as he addresses the world, thus completely erasing the need of a translator?.  There couldn’t be a better closest way for the antichrist to pull up the stunt of immitating a bit of the miraculous Pentecostal Biblical scene than this one using this device.

Could this piece of device be this  antichrist’s perfect bet of being heard in all languages when he takes office?, if its placed directly on the satelite?. Will he also deceive people into believing that his spirit is miraculously doing the translation into all languages around the world?.

At the moment its a new device that one just inserts in the ear like headphones and it translates automatically into one’s opted language.

The Bible says man shall increase in knowledge in the end times and indeed people are witnessing practical advanced knowledge in science and technology like never before. Could it be the end times are drawing near and very fast?.  Time will tell.


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