What New-Age Make-Up Has Done To Man

Lets Talk New Age Contouring Make-Up

dreams-page2It is clear man has become hater of self. It shows everyday and it gets worse by seconds.  What made man hate himself so much may never be unknown.  Make up has changed man, broken man’s hearts, faked man, brought denial to man, betrayed man, deceived man, interfered with man’s self-esteem and thwarted it, and put man in beauty misery every single day.  Man looks in the mirror and torment himself before others yet torment him. Man now tend to deceive self first,  when he looks in the mirror and believe the contoured face starring back at them is their real self, then others.

Suddenly most people are not happy with how they look.  Most don’t appreciate their facial looks and are worried how others look at them, yet those others are going through the same anguish.  There is no one to help anyone.  What happened to loving oneself and valuing oneself?

Make up has caused good people to be bad people:  You meet someone and you fall in love because you like what you see.  The next morning you wake and can hardly recognise them.  The layers of make-up have fallen off and you have a stranger in the house.  This causes embarrassment, confusion, and betrayal.  One is forced to reject someone.  Not that they are a bad person but because make up has interfered with one person, stirred disapproval, and changed the other.

There don’t appear to be any drop of good about running around in a fake appearance when you know that people are going to like only the fake you and not the real you.  Why create room for disapproval, dislike, hatred, and possible rejection.  Why not love who you are and let others decide to love the real you.  Why fake it knowing they are going to know it’s all fake eventually.

Faking, or rather contouring is happening to both male and female and taken such effect that it cannot be reversed.  The only advise would be, if you are looking for a partner, trying going out in your own skin and be real, then afterwards when you have acquired one start contouring.  Real people want to know real people.

One would wonder who started with all this contouring, and layering of make-up that changes completely the entire physical look of one’s face?  Were they that dissatisfied with themselves?  Did they lack self-esteem and instead of getting counselling decided fake was better and beautiful?

Make up is good, but if it changes one beyond recognition, then something has gone terribly wrong.

If you have any answers, opinions please comment below. Is it a good thing or bad thing.



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