The Repeating Garage Dream

dreams-picYes, Dreams are very weird and peculiar.  I’ve always dreamed of a garage along a highway and located below a mountain.  Each time I’m holding car keys and have come to collect my car and the car is gone, stolen.  The garage owner is always saying the same thing that after fixing the cars he just parks them and what happens afterwards has nothing to do with him.  In my dream, I understand because he is telling the truth and everyone knows how it works.  So, I just stand there trying to call my workplace, my school or wherever I’d be planning to go, to excuse myself. Sometimes I am working, sometimes I am a student and sometimes I have no clear occupation, but the dream is the same.  But what worries is that the mechanic and my bunch of friends are the same.  So here I have in my dream; always the same location, same people, different cars, and different occupations, all the time.  I have lost count of how many times I have had this dream over the years.  Maybe it’s a message that will keep coming until I heed it, I don’t know.  I just can’t understand why it keeps coming throughout the years.




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