Conspiracy Theories and End time Prophecies

After watching a movie on Watchmen theories, a thought crossed my mind:

There is a lot of conspiracy theories going on.  But, there is an advantage to all of it.  Some say, don’t listen to them they are not of God.  There are also some people prophesying destruction dates that never happen, well there is also advantages to it.  Instead of being troubled, scared, argumentative, and anxious, about the prophecy or theories of destruction being given about Neburus, the asteroids, the aliens, the earthquakes the list goes on, here is something that should accompany those uncomfortable feelings.  Some are scientists, prophets, dreamers, watchmen, and some just people who claim hearing from God.

God said he would destroy Neneva and Jonah was a real watchman of God for that moment and so he went on to tell people the truth, the date, and the time that Neneva was going to be destroyed, including, how he would do it.  Jonah didn’t lie, he heard from God and so with confidence and faith he went on and announced.  But the people of Neneva prayed and God, our true God decided to reverse the destruction of Neneva!  Jonah was probably called names like false prophet etc. afterwards.  So, there is a possibility that people are really hearing from God and are told to warn people, just like in Neneva, but because there are Saints praying for the nations, God is always reversing, that’s his business!  So, does this mean these people are false prophets? No!

Was is ever written in the Bible that Neneva would be destroyed?  no! but later it was just given to Jonah from nowhere!  In the end, it is written that young man will prophesy and see visions and old man will dream dreams.  So, their dreams, visions, and prophecy about dates etc. cannot be found in the Bible, it’s a new thing God said he would do in the end. Not everything that happens must be written in the Bible.  End Dates etc may not be written in the Bible but may be given to people as new prophecy from God because he said people will see visions and dream dreams.  It is not written in the Bible what these dreams and visions will be about and there is a possibility of them being about exact end dates.

God said this generation want to see signs and the only sign he will give is the sign of Jonah, meaning that he can “save”, he heard Jonah praying from the belly of the fish and he heard the people of Neneva praying.  The people of Neneva offered a unique prayer that stirred God, a prayer that no other nation or any church of today will be able to compete with Neneva.  The Bible said that even the Animals fasted too! Would we let our cats, our dogs, our horses, or fish in the tanks fast because we want God to hear us on desperation?  I don’t think so.

So, God might be giving dates, a lot of them, and sending out some watchman in anger! then keeping his promise of ‘saving’ if people pray.  There are people, prayer warriors who pray, maybe it’s only one or two or a group or a church that is praying fervently for earth to be saved from the Neburus etc. and God is answering prayers and saving just like in Neneva. He will continue to do so until the very end when one of the dates will come true because it will be time, God’s Time.

God didn’t care about how people would react to Jonah, the embarrassment he would get, the names he would be called.  I guess if Jonah was to be sent again with another date of destruction he would heed and still tell people, honouring God, despite the first failed date of destruction of Neneva.

The sign of Jonah has so many meanings, in here it means that destruction would be on the way and the only way that nations could be saved is praying for reversal of destruction.  If you hear the warnings of Neburus, etc., it’s a sign, start praying.

The Bible is good because it covers all, it has answers to everything.  One just has to “Seek and will find”.

When we hear any prophecy whether true or false about destruction of our planet, towns, countries etc., it’s not time to argue or wait anxiously to see if it’s true, it’s time to pray, in our closets, as a church and never to dismiss it is as false, leave it to God to do that, just pray.  So, I can happily say there are a million opportunities to pray fervently, for there are many dates of destruction being announced.

Thank you for listening, remember to pray when you hear an end of the World date, to have it reversed like In Neneva.

Written by Ikkiv


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