About the Angels, who are they?

They are spiritual being. As much as they fascinate us, love them, and wish to see them visibly, they are beings without any feelings or emotions toward humans. They are sent to lead the way, make way, comfort, kill, destroy, protect, guard, guide, defend, the list goes on.  But, they do so without emotions.  Their emotions and feelings are towards their creator only God, and for praising, respecting and worshipping in awe.thhv66qukw

They do what they are told, they obey.  If they are sent to protect they do so 100%, (no more or less) and same if they are sent to take lives for a reason or to bless and love.  They don’t have feelings of their own.  If they are sent to take a life, even of newly born babies and children, they don’t feel remorse or hesitation, or sorry, they just do so obediently.  Your tears don’t even matter to them, or mean a thing.  1102005140_univ_cnt_1_xl.jpgThey are messengers that’s that and that is also why they should not be worshipped because they don’t hear any prayers or notice anybody on their knees.  They just hear from God only and await instruction.  They are always around people but don’t act unless they are told to, otherwise they just stand there and watch.  They watch people being hit by cars, drown, etc. just like they watch Jesus being mistreated, but they will never act unless there is instruction from God.  If God had commanded them to kill, destroy, and attack on Jesus’s crucifixion day, a never unheard of hell on earth could have broken down on that day and no army could have been able to stand against the fierce killer angels.

In the Bible, Angels were sent to destroy and they did it mercilessly because of lack of any emotion, and they still do it today.  If they are told to give love, they will probably give you a big hug and you feel love, overwhelming love but it’s only yourself feeling this way, not the angel that is making you feel that way as it’s just conveying a physical message on behalf of God.

It is advisable not to call on angels (Rev 19:10), they don’t hear any other voice except God’s.  They don’t feel anything at all for you.  The angels that have feelings are the fallen angels who are no longer in heaven under God’s command and will turn up and make your bad situation worse or your good one bad. They are like their leader the devil, they come as light but are up to deceiving.  If you ever see an angel in tears or showing emotion gestures, it’s an earth angel, a fallen one and do not be deceived by its light.

There are no baby or female angels.  Angels don’t reproduce.  All Angels are male.  In the Bible, the sons of God (Angels) saw that they daughters of man (humans) were beautiful and went on to have children with them (Genesis 6:2), resulting in the birth of giants.  There is no encounter in which the sons of man had relationship with the daughters of God, because there are no female angels.  Which means all the angels including the fallen ones are male.  They are no baby or child angels because God created them as they are, fully grown already.


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