Poetry: “Only Me knows”


Ever since,
Days have passed,
Months have followed,
Into years they weaved,
And into many more.

My day, wrapped up in business,
A much needed destruction,
I wear a smile everyday,
I see beauty all around me and appreciate,
Every day seems normal,
I do my best to get lost in it to cope.

Time ticks, day breaks.
In the quietest moment, truth lingers,
Love speaks to me, uninterrupted,
Reminding me, of its residency in my heart.
My love for you, I don’t hide from self,
I let it be, its part of me.


In mine dreams, oh! my dreams!,
In vain, stretches my arm,
To reach you, in vain.
I keep stretching though you don’t see.
Same dream when midnight falls.
Morning then breaks, evidencing a trail of dried tears
Another new day is hatched
I get lost in it to cope.

The day ends the same,
Me loving you still, the same and more,
Only me knows,
If only you knew.



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