The Little Lady

Early this morning, a Little Lady visited by my window to show off her pretty coat  and seek help to find her way back to the tree across the road. I helped her get back to the tree and she left me with a poem below this short video. The pretty colours of her coat, the reason why man themed fashion after her.

The Little Beetle

The white wall spread,
Like a white sky on the ground,
No beginning and no ending.
The little beetle wondered on it, lost.

The coloured little shell,
A dazzling in the light,
A reflection on the white wall.
A natural beauty from up above,
Such pleasing to the eye.

Moving about in all directions,
Confused, lost, scared,
No other beetles in sight,
No trees, no honey dewed flowers,
Only a deserted white plain.
A tiny heart gripped with fear,
Lost in an alien place.

Suddenly, a piercing sound,
Made its way, into the tiny ears.
Flashes of light everywhere,
A voice in amazement follows,
“What a pretty little thing!”
A Click, another click, more clicks!
Its beauty is captured.

One can’t help but stare amazed,
The carefully painted pretty colours,
Engraved on a tiny insect,
Painted with such care and detailed,
To please the eyes that see it.

Moving about in all directions,
Trying to find its way home,
Tiny legs moving in style,
Carrying that seemingly weightless pretty shell coat.
But, the wall seem to spread endlessly.
Then, tender loving hands reached out,
Grabbed gently the little Lady Bird and freed it.
It flew away. 


little-lady-bird-picLady Birds are beautiful little insects painted in style by their creator.  They wear shiny spotted wing covers in lovely colours, yellow, orange, or red with small black spots. They come from a family of tiny beetles called Coccinellidae (Ref).   Many have appreciated their pretty perfect shiny coats and themed clothing after it such as  Lady Bird Trending Fashion, globally, for both adults and kids.


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