It lingers everywhere,
Its place is in darkness even a tiny drop of darkness.
It has become the life’s special norm,
Like a dessert, always after the main course.
At a funeral, in prison, in marriage,
At work, in school, in war, everywhere.
Every failure embraces it, harnesses it,
And drags one along the future road in fear.

I shouldn’t have, I should have,
Its favourite phrase is delivered,
Wrapped in torment,
That weakens one beyond or strengthens within,
Every victim must rise again either way,
But with wisdom, hope, and an awareness,
To face Regret’s next cycle,this time equipped,
With courage and wisdom
For it tutors as well.

Regret takes a nap, relaxing, watching decisions in progress,
On standby, alert, observing from a distant,
Ready to serve its opening phrase,
To its unaware or aware guests.

I shouldn’t have.
I should have.





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