Tips: Her Beautiful Natural Finger Nails – How she grew them

Many find it difficult and some have since given up growing their nails.  But hey, there are simple ways that can work for you.  If you’re a nail biter, you may want to start caring your nails this way and you will have a hard time attempting to bite your nails because they will be too beautiful.  Even if you don’t have any nails coming out of the nail bed yet, these tips on will help you to have great nails right from the beginning.

Many love Artificial Nails and some are committed to having them now and then ensuring they are well maintained and replaced regularly.

Good nails give many confidence, especially at places like work, depending on the kind of job one does, when pointing or showing out something to work colleagues,  handing over papers, and other things or just for dear-self’s goodness, without worrying.  This can be at social events, business meetings or when with that special someone, or probably meeting for the first time.  One just wants to look and feel great because hands are quite visible and give a lot of gestures that one can’t miss observing the nails whether just for a second.

Though artificial nails appear to be on the rise, natural finger nails can be fabulous just as well with regular;

  • Manicuring,
  • Trimming,
  • Massaging,
  • Cleansing,
  • Cleaning the inside gently avoiding damaging the nail bed from inside. There is a variety of nail cleaners to choose from,
  • Conditioning with a lotion that has Nail Hardener,
  • Using base protectors before applying Nail Polish, and
  • Avoid nail breaking: Do not use your nails as tools beside scratching an itch, and after scratching wash them thoroughly.  Trying using kitchen gloves if you’re going to be in contact with water for longer periods of time as water softens the nails rapidly. After washing use hand dryer for thorough drying or dab with a tissue to absorb water from the nails.
  • Always apply a hand cream with nail lotion in it to moisturise the nails.

Filing and shaping must be done with great care and not vigorously to avoid thinning the edges. There are good nail filers sold individually or in a Manicure Set.

Buffering nails must be avoided to protect the nail bed but if desired a  good Buffer must be used but not over-bluffing, just enough to even the surface with great care.

(Article by V.M on how she grows and maintains her perfect nail).


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