BY  The Evangelist at BCN Desk.

Today I’m going to be shading a light into things that we bring before God in Prayer, specifically health issues and deformation, expecting miracles.  I will be using some Bible Verses in which Jesus healed the sick and the crippled without mentioning the name of the diseases or illness condition or enter conversation about its origins.  Today I will be teaching about the reasons he did that.

God did not create diseases, illnesses, or their names, man called scientists created and gave them those names.  Diseases have nothing to do with God, but everything to do with humans trying to be Gods, to be creators of something.  Science is in the business of creating diseases and naming them.  Humans believe that these disease, that another human has found or created do exist.  Now man have faith that the diseases exist and that faith, makes the diseases exist physically and manifest.  Now because man fears the disease or illness that another fellow man has created, he spends the rest of his life continually checking if they have the named disease or illness or trying to find out how they can avoid it.  In the end, they have it. What you fear most is likely to happen due to manifestation.

If you therefore kneel before God naming a disease that was created by man, telling him that it has overpowered you, you are merely telling God that the man-made disease or illness is stronger than Him, you are exalting it that illness or disease before the Almighty powerful God, thus, making him small. 

God does not see any disease when he looks at you because he did not create it and he is hundred percent sure that because of the blood his son Jesus Christ shed on the cross, there is no room for any illness or disease on earth.

You might ask then, “so how are we supposed to pray for illnesses and diseases?”, well that’s what we will be talking about today.

Jesus said in James 5 verse 14, “is anyone of you ill”, note he doesn’t mention any name of disease here, “find elders who will pray for you”.  He never said kneel and ask my father or me for healing.  Why? because it’s the humans who created the disease and they identify with the name of the disease.  Elders are supposed to know that God did not create cancer, and that cancer should not be mentioned before God.  But because these elders of today lack knowledge, they pray for your healing to God on your behalf but, they make the mistake of mentioning the disease before God again.  Guess what, cancer does not leave the body because it’s been brought and lifted before God.

The elders are supposed to prayer a simple prayer such as, “Dear God, thank you for setting your child free and thank you for good perfect health”.  Perfect health is a body without defects, and that is what God hears and understands.  Once you thank God, he is overwhelmed and proves himself.  He knows you have believed he can make you clean and healthy, and he will, at no doubt, give you perfect health which he identifies with. 

Bear in mind all the time that God does not identify with any name of a disease and mentioning it before Him, which everyone even your Pastors, Elders in this generation have always done, thus, exalting the diseases and therefore giving it power and it will not leave the body. Here is a few examples of how Jesus healed the sick and diseases.

Number One: Jesus knew it better and he taught man, but man, like He said will always be “having ears but not hearing”.  Jesus said to the man with a shrivelled hand, as some might want to call it with its man-made name disabled to give it power.  Well Jesus did not say to the man “Hey shrivelled hand I rebuke you”, no Jesus merely said in Mathew 12 verse 13, “Stretch out your hand”, because he believed his father God did not create disability, man created it.  Some might want to say “Oh, but the man with a shrivelled hand was born like that”.  Yes, he was born like that, but the deformity was created by man, what he ate during pregnant, what was administered to them through injections, whether accidentally or intentionally, what was sprayed by chem-trails, the diet of man, the drugs taken, the medication side effects not known to the victims, the list is endless, but they were all created by man, God never created any of them.

Number two, Jesus healed a paralytic man without mentioning the name of disability.  He could have said, “Dear God, my father I bring before you this paralytic man”.  Jesus knew better, that His father God, would not identify with it because it was a man-made name of a disability pasted on a perfect and able bodied man that his father, God, created and all He sees.  So, Jesus said in Mathew nine, verse five, “Your sins are forgiven”.  Sin had done this to the man and Jesus was careful not to mention the name of the sin or disease before God, lest he would be exalting them before God, belittling him like merely saying, “God, the man-made disease or deformity is greater than you, and has taken over my body”.  So, you cannot take names of diseases to God whether in singing or in prayer because doing so would be exalting that disease and its due to remain in your body whether dormant or active.

Number three, Jesus healed a woman caught in adultery by just saying, in John 8 verse 11, “Go and sin no more”.  This woman was going to be stoned because of something called adultery that man created and gave it that name and so Jesus could not exalt this name by bringing it before God, for example saying, “Adultery, I rebuke you, leave this woman”, which is what man do in churches today.  It’s because Jesus knew that this was a manmade name or label caused by a man-made sin of prostitution, and bringing this before God by name, exalting it would only make it manifest.

So, this practice of man creating diseases, naming them then bringing them before God in prayer will never take away the diseases or any other illness, but only exalt them, making them manifest and multiply at times.  Let alone telling God that they are greater than He, and devaluing the almighty’s strength.

How then should we pray?  well, here are a few examples:

If you are praying for any disease that has taken over your body, simply go before God and without asking for healing, rather thank Him for good perfect health, because that is what you want.  Thank him for perfect health and believe that your healthy from now on would be perfect and don’t doubt it because doubting it will be lifting that disease unaware and it will grow in your body to take over.  Same prayer if you have deformity and any kind of diseases.  don’t ask God for healing because as far as he is concerned the blood of Jesus already healed you.  The blood of Jesus got rid for future diseases with name that man was going to create, in advance.  So, God does not identify with any of it.  That is why he gave also an opportunity for those who are weak or don’t yet understand prayer by saying that, in James 5 verse 14, that if anyone of you is sick, should ask the elders to pray for you.  The real elders of God should understand and be careful not to mention any disease names and help those who are weak and without knowledge of praying yet. Unfortunately elders and mere people are not just the same without knowledge and having ears but not hearing what Jesus said and how he healed people.  Even here in this verse, Jesus did not mention any name of sickness, it could be flue, headache, period pains, the list goes on, but these names are man-made and so the disease, as I mentioned earlier on and to mention them would be planting their seeds and exalting them.

So, dear friends and brethren, healing of any kind of disease is at your disposal, anybody can do it, but you got to pray the right way, which is, “Never mention a disease or illness before God, if you do, you will only be exalting it and telling God that something bigger than him has taken over you.  God, thus would be reduced, and made small by you.  Your disease will then grow and take over your body.

Man of this generation never do miracles of healing like Jesus did, because they are, unwarily, exalting diseases and illness and bringing them by name before God, instead of going before God with thanks giving prayer, thanking him for a healthy body without mentioning any name or disease.

This generation was taught the wrong way of praying to God and it’s now up to an individual to realise that diseases and illnesses that are prayed for never go away and disabled people are not being healed by any miracles called for.  There are just no results to prayer about healing.  Ask yourselves why?  Read your bible again and do it the Jesus way.

Jesus never entertained demons or disease by engaging in conversation with them, why exalt them, why give them a stage to freely act and address people.  In most churches demons are given even the microphone, how terrifying is that?  This is another topic I will be touching on about what’s wrong with the Church of Today and Demons.


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