Death of an unborn child

Seen nothing, heard nothing, said nothing,
left all in tears.
It doesn’t make any sense, after nine months and an hour before birth,
What the purpose, whats the message, I could never understand,

Left me with an empty new bedroom, new clothes and accessories,
What happened between the good morning kicks and the way to the hospital,
Only God knows,
Home I return, with a bag still packed neatly with preparation clothes untouched,
No baby in my arms,
It’s a nightmare, Can’t i just wake up?

Still have the picture tattooed in the my mind,
The tiny face, asleep as if taking a nap, but remained asleep,
Even at the sound of my crying, my voice! mummy’s voice,
His father’s mouth and my eyes, grand pa’s nose,
The tiny body, lifeless and pale looked like members of the family!,

The little angel sleeps, the world was too much for him,
Came sleeping, never woke and slept all the way to back to heaven,
Now a star shining brightly, as if to say,

” if only you knew how happy I am in heaven”.


2 thoughts on “Death of an unborn child

  1. Thanks for liking my blog, a lot of inspiration comes from people like you who take time to read and like what I write. Thanks again.


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