How to Survive a Mega Disaster

How to survive natural disasters for the time being.

Be it a mega volcano, earthquake, tornado, nuclear bomb or flood, if you know it is coming then you are better off. How do you know? keep up with the news, internet, newspapers, etc. If not and you find yourself you have survived, it would be too late to gather anything. Your type would find themselves committing crime for the first time, mostly stealing to survive. There would likely be a few law enforcers trying to maintain law to break it because they would also be in the same position as you. This would also be a time when you do not know who else to trust. Just be prepared to fight to death with the person you attempt to steal from. That is the time it will be either yourself or him. I take it you know what I am talking about. For those who were aware, because you were listening to rumours, forecasts or prophecies, and you took action, well good for you, but you are now in danger because everyone wants what you have in your back-pack and the pack-pack itself.

Its good to always have a get-away back-pack in your house, but it is entirely up to you to prepare or not. Nevertheless, should the above megas pull it off, human instinct will tell you to just do something to survive, until you cannot. If you are well prepared you maybe able to cling on to dear life until…………

So you find you have been left to tell; there will likely be no fuel, therefore no driving, no hiking, and no staying in one place, that is if there is such a thing decent enough to be called “place”. You, like everyone else would probably end up with nowhere to run.

If you store provisions there maybe a possibility that your storage maybe broken into, destroyed or you have to move away from it if the area becomes a hazard to stay within. So this means you’ll likely be on the road to nowhere, but just moving about looking for safety and food or following some person who supposedly has a reasonable idea that they know what they are doing when they don’t have a clue.

So for you to be able to move about (not know how many miles), or run when you are being chased, you would only need a back-pack with only the essentials, if its too heavy you won’t be able to perform your new daily errands of “walking to nowhere”, “walking to somewhere”, “running away”, “running for” or your worst errand “stealing”: You have to have enought energy every single day to survive the next. A small well packed First Aid kit, medication (for those taking, probably your last refill), pain killers, a bottle of water (you will learn to take a few sips a day), glucose sweets for energy (you will learn to break one sweet into four), wet wipers, tissue, sanitary towels or tampon, vaseline for your lips and hands – also good for all-weather conditions and sealing broken skin (don’t worry about lotion), a tooth-brush or chewing gum that cleanses the teeth as well, nose masks; this is very essential because the air will definitely be filled with harzadeous ordour, from human wotten remains to volcanoe or nuclear gas. It will be quiet a while before the air is just pure oxygen again), a lot of CASH as cash machines may be disrupted (notes will do they are not heavy – and the best place to keep it that only yourself know would be in your underwear if you can because human will turn violent and become vagrants wanting to rob you of your that little you are struggling to survive on. Food-wise; honey, healthy bars of cereal, chocolate, and a few tinned foods, the smallest tins that are easy to open and can fit into your bag without taking too much space. your back-pack will probably last you two weeks until help comes or longer (since help will be scarce and may not even turn up). so you want to be careful about your new feeding system. If you practice it with wisdom, it will no doubt last up to four weeks. You don’t need to worry about the “after four weeks” whether it comes or not, you will cross that bridge when you reach it. You have to learn to eat to live and not live to eat, and all will be bearable for the time being and your essentials will take you a long way before you start looking for somewhere to buy food, (assuming you still have your money where it’s supposed to be). If there will be anyone selling or some shop operating by miracle, it will be the most expensive shop you had ever heard. I say a miracle shop, because most human turn to looting the shops when any disaster strikes even one that is not mega. Someone might even require all your money in return for a small bottle of already opened water for your child! in which you will have no choice but to try and save your child.

If you have a place where you able to store provisions in advance, maybe underground, living or not living there, still it is wise to just have a back-pack ready. Make sure that your storage spot has a sign that only yourself know so that you may be able to probably return to it to fill your back-pack now and again, (if you still can find it or if you are lucky to find the place still existing and untouched). If you are nursing, have little children, this would be the best idea you ever made to go ahead and prepare. Find a place where you think or are sure can stand the disaster and where no-one else can guess and find. For example, digging a big 6 feet underground hole, and fill in trunks of all sorts of tinned foods, (make a list of everyone in the family and get a trunk for each person for clothes and food and lock up – don’t loose the keys, repeat make sure you don’t loose the key), bury the trunks, get everyone a backpack with the above essentials only and leave to where it’s safe or thinks it’s safe. Get ready to move again, and again and again, you will probably end up in a government shelter in tents being catered for (if the disaster has allowed room for this ofcourse). DON’T FORGET YOUR LOADS OF CASH. Give everyone even children some money to keep with them, in-case you loose each other – but don’t worry you might find each other again, but it might just take long or even longer if not forever. This will ensure that on the time you are separate they still can survive longer.

Clothe wise: Just what you are wearing; thermal vests, hoody waterproof coat, hoody jumper, jeans, scarf, hat, gloves, thermal socks, wellies or flat boots or hiking boots, (no high heels), women get lots of panty-liners and a couple of panties, remember to keep very warm because you may not be able to carry a blanket or duvet (there won’t be space for it).

And by the way, don’t carry any hand luggage, you may have to throw it away in order for someone to fit in the van with you (probably some Samaritan’s van that will take you a few yards to the then-safe place of the hour). A back pack is ideal (just make sure that no-one will help themselves behind you.

The most essential of all, that will keep you alive is PRAY. Everyone does during a major disaster, so you wont forget. I would personally carry a pocket Bible.

Let me know your opinions, ideas, comments. Thanks for reading.


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