I Killed For The First Time

Today I killed for the first time

Tale of a Soldier

I am a Soldier on the battle field

Today I killed for the first time,

I took away a life to save another and myself,

It was kill or be killed.


I’m trembling with great fear,

Fear of killing another human being,

Fear of being killed,

For a split second I lost sense of who I was.


I have killed, I’m brave but soft at heart,

I wept after killing as I thought,

“what if he had a family, what if they are all praying that he returns home safely”.


I had sleepless nights, full of fear,

Haunted by my thoughts,  visions I can’t explain,

My only comfort was,

It was either kill or be killed.


I prayed, “God protect me so that I go back to my family”

I paused,  as I thought again,

“What if the enemy I killed said the same prayer”

I started trembling again, but this was cut short,

A piercing cry of pain interrupted me….


That was one of my mates,

His last cry, he is gone, he is no more,

I broke down and cried loud,

I felt anger, rage and deep hatred,

I will kill the enemy, I will kill again, and again.

I am a soldier, on the battlefield.


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