Looking For Myself

I spent a life time
looking for myself in the wrong places.

Now that I have found me,
I wanna hold on to dear me,
Be myself and make a difference
Living my life the way I should.

I had climbed the mountains,
Sailed the seas and flown the skies
But was nowhere to be found.
Anybody seen me? No!
Weary and empty handed I returned,
To where I started searching for myself.

I lay me down and wept, Oh Dear Lord
You see everywhere,
You know everyone,
Speak to me.

I heard a strange soft voice inside me,
“Search inside yourself, inside your heart,
You have always been there,
You just never looked”,
I felt joy and peace,
I had never felt before,
As I looked inside my heart,
And found me, the true beautiful me,
I met myself for the first time.

I looked inside my heart and saw,
Love, caring, faith, patience and kindness
And other true beautiful natures of me
That I never knew.

I want to be me,
No-one else but me,
Living my life as me,
I wouldn’t exchange me,
For anything or any amount.


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