An Angel Without Wings

In a very crowded busy place one evening,
I found myself face to face with a male stranger

He had the most beautiful twinkling eyes
Laid perfectly on a masculine handsome face
The perfection that is seen only in dreams
Never had I seen such masculine beauty
Spread evenly from head to toe, on one man!

Never had I seen an angel before,
Apart from in my dreams
But I’m almost sure he was angelic!
I was wide awake, I did not wake up!

When he moved up towards me
One leg in front of the other,
It was like I was seeing a human walk
For the first time but with such perfection!
I almost forgot that we all walk

When he smiled, I heard the sound of smiling!!
From nowhere
Believe me, a smile does have a sound!

Just the movement of his lips as they gave way
Revealing bright white, perfectly arranged teeth, was so amazing
Here on earth, we all call it smiling

Finally he completed the smile!
It was breath taking!!!

I thought any minute he would marvel his wings and fly away
Right into the sky!

I met an Angel without wings, the man of my dreams
And I fell in love
Only a bit too late.

He exists somewhere in the world, I named him Jad.
I will never know why.


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